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R-Glory Metal International MiningTrading Company
Assaying & Sampling, Consulting & Research, Freight Forwarding, Legal services, Machining and Tooling, Marketing, Trader, Warehousing
Uni-Pol Group Holdings Machining and Tooling, Processing
International Specialized Metal Inc. High purity Halfnium, Zirconium
purity range from 95 to 99 percent
Machining and Tooling, Producer of metals
XI'AN HUAMU TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD One sourcing of Molybdenum
Mining (producing), Producer of metals, Trader
Anyang Xinyi Alloy Co.,Ltd Marketing, Producer of metals
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Metal Prices
Titanium Sponge TG-Tv or equivalent free market 5.00%
Titanium concentrate TiO2 46% EXW (VAT unpaid) 5.00%
Cobalt chloride China 24% min EXW 4.55%
Magnesium min 99.9% 3.80%
Manganese lump Mn 95% FOB 3.53%
Gallium 99.99% min FOB China -3.57%
Selenium dioxide min 99% -4.60%
Ce Carbonate 45% REO FOB China -4.68%
Ce Carbonate 45% REO China -4.84%
Tellurium 99.99% EXW -5.33%
Titanium Sponge TG-Tv or equivalent free market
Prices last updated on 17 Jan 2017. Metal Prices Historical Prices Chart Center
2017-01-13 Ferro-chrome
2016-12-16 Nickel
2016-12-15 Ferro-chrome
2016-11-28 Terbium
2016-11-28 Cerium
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2017-01-18 Molybdenum
2017-01-18 Nickel
2017-01-18 Cobalt
2017-01-11 Ferro-manganese
2017-01-11 Silico-manganese
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Tiany UK Monico Alloys
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