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VISA Steel Marketing, Processing, Producer of metals
Candragon Enterprises Inc. Producer of metals, Trader
Xining Metals and Minerals Import & Export (group) Co.,LTD Chinese Top Two FeSi Exporter
Best Quality&Service&Price
Marketing, Mining (producing), Processing, Producer of metals, Trader
HongKong RM International Trade.Co., Ltd. A Global Rare Earth Supplier
Marketing, Processing, Recycling, Trader
Victors Enterprise Co., Ltd Trader/ Stockist of FeMo & FeW
Trader/Stockist of Ni & Minor metal
Marketing, Recycling, Trader, Warehousing
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Metal Prices
Tb Metal 99% min China 10.11%
Tb Oxide 99% min FOB China 8.13%
Tb Metal 99% min FOB China 7.88%
Dy Oxide 99% min FOB China 7.35%
Tb Oxide 99% min China 6.58%
Cadmium min 99.99% -3.33%
HC Ferro-manganese 65-70% Mn -3.50%
Cadmium min 99.95% -3.57%
Ferro-vanadium V 80% FOB China -4.42%
Vanadium Pentoxide fused flake 98% min -8.72%
Tb Metal 99% min China
Prices last updated on 03 Mar 2015. Metal Prices Historical Prices Chart Center
2015-02-09 Europium
2015-02-09 Terbium
2015-02-09 Cerium
2015-02-09 Lanthanum
2015-02-07 Europium
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2015-02-18 Ferro-vanadium
2015-02-18 Ferro-molybdenum
2015-02-18 Ferro-boron
2015-02-16 Ferro-silicon
2015-01-07 Ferro-silicon
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Tiany UK Monico Alloys
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