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Metal Prices - Precious metals

Prices are indicative, and based in warehouse Rotterdam duty unpaid unless otherwise stated. Metal-Pages welcomes feedback from producers, traders and consumers; please email prices@metal-pages.com or phone +44 (0) 208 255 8325. Information about INCOterms (EXW, FOB,...) used in our prices specification can be found here.

All Chinese RMB prices are VAT included and all FOB China prices are export tax paid unless otherwise stated.

Prices are updated on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Chinese prices at 10:00am (GMT) and other prices at 20:00pm (GMT).

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Iridium min 99.9% 26-May-15 $/troy oz -1.79%
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Palladium 99.95% AM/PM fixes 26-May-15 $/troy oz 0.45%
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Platinum 99.95% AM/PM fixes 26-May-15 $/troy oz -1.78%
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Rhodium min 99.9% 26-May-15 $/troy oz -1.85%
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